Adèle Flamand-Browne [SCH 2023]


First name: Adèle ;
Middle name:
Last name:
Flamand-Browne ;

Member: Scholarship artist member ; 
2023 ;
n/a ;



Adèle Flamand-Browne is a Connecticut based artist who recently completed her BFA at Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts. She is dedicated to the practice of drawing and painting and is continuously exploring the significance of line and form through her large scale charcoal drawings and oil paintings. Her choice of schooling at a figurative based fine art academy set in motion her captivation with one of her primary subjects, the figure.

Since attending LACFA Adèle has participated in several exhibitions within and outside the college, including a semester abroad, where her work was included in a small group show in Italy. Academic and merit based scholarships from LACFA allowed her to focus on her studio practices, and continue her work outside of the academic year. Upon receiving the Stobart Fellowship in May of 2019 she has gone on to develop a body of work inspired by her senior show. Adèle continues to seek out and attend masterclasses and residency programs to further her knowledge in figurative art.





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July 6, 2023

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