Gregory Mortenson [NM]

A painting of a man with a beard, wearing a suit and tie.

First name: Gregory ;
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Mortenson ;

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“Grand Central Atelier core instructor Gregory Mortenson (b.1976) is one of the most accomplished in a new generation of painters who have embraced the rigors of training in the atelier tradition. After completing his undergraduate studies at Southern Virginia University, in Buena Vista, he spent two years studying classical painting with Patrick Devonas and William Whitaker. He then moved to New York City, where he completed the four-year curriculum at the Grand Central Academy of Art under Jacob Collins, followed with two additional years of training in Collins’ private studio. Mortenson emerged from this lengthy apprenticeship with an impeccable classical technique that allows him to present exquisitely turned form and tonal rendering of great subtlety. This prowess is most evident in his portraiture, where the precision of description and delicate paint handling give quite a breathtaking sense of presence to the subject.”

American Artist Magazine




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