Manola Miguez Manola Miguez

Manola Miguez is a Spanish-Costa Rican artist, graduated with honors from the University of Costa Rica's highly laurated Visual Arts Degree.

Manola's work invite the viewer to step into a world that was designed to celebrate life and bright-up the spirit. Animals are often the center of her pieces and her brushwork is rich in pure colors, bringing vitality and freshness to every canvas.

As part of her community service she designed and illustrated educational materials for the outcast indigenous populations of Costa Rica. Her postgraduate thesis consisted of the design, illustration and printing of a series of ecological educational booklets that were distributed troughout the country's public schools as part of the Public Educational Ministery's ecological agenda.

Since 1995 has participated in a variety of individual and collective exhibitions in various countries, art fairs and auctions. She is an directive board member of the Costa Rican Association of Visual Arts (ACAV).

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