Susan Balas Whitfield

Susan Balas-Whitfield, PSA was a Scholarship member of the Salmagundi Club in the seventies. Since then she has evolved her art into a teaching medium for spirituality and energy harmonics. Everything in the universe can be reduced to its minutest particle, and, further into a light and sound vibration. The colors of her artistic palette represent the harmonics of the physical world and the colors of the light spectrum, the esoteric. Balas uses them to teach the messages of the spirit world as manifested in the indigenous peoples. Her latest adventure is a multidimensional movie, The Maya Tzolíkin, which she created utilizing color harmonics in forty one paintings to deliver the messages of the Mayan Calendar . The movie has a soundtrack created especially for it that represents the sound harmonics of the Mayan day glyphs. The duality of earthly existence is represented in the series of positive and negative paintings.

It is the great wisdom and high regard for the spi

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