Shauna Finn [NM]

Shauna Finn's hair is sleek and curly. She wears glasses and a black button-down on top of a black shirt and poses in front of an artwork.

First name: Shauna ;
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Finn ;

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Originally from Southern California, Shauna Finn received her MFA in painting from the New York Academy of Art in 2005, and has attended art residencies in Italy, France, St. Barth and Ireland. Shauna’s work has included paintings of colorful birds and dark botanicals, as well as sculpture and pottery. The subjects of her most recent paintings are mysterious solitary figures, who are at times masked, enveloped in diaphanous veils, or dressed in the garb of bygone eras. They are otherworldly, or other-timely; their visages shifting between obscurement and illumination. There are themes of feminine power, internal worlds, history, memory, beauty, death, and the supernatural all glimmering in Shauna’s unconscious as she works.
Shauna’s studio is in Hoboken, NJ, and she teaches 3D art at Elisabeth Irwin High School in Manhattan.




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