We are not that far : a cultural exploration of the east


Oct 17 - Oct 23, 2021


Thomas Moran gallery

The New Century has begun with many challenges and changes, accelerated and dramatized by a frenetic globalization that has created instant connectivity across the globe.
In this scenario, the world stage is experiencing a major shift, mostly due to the rise of many fast-developing Countries and new Superpowers from Asia.
East and West are interconnected like never before, creating new areas of competition but also of collaboration: a relationship controversial at times but exciting as well. There is still a mix of curiosity and diffidence between the two ends of the World but yet so much they respectively need to learn from each other.
Asia is an incredibly diverse cultural environment that is experiencing dynamic and new ways of expressing their millennial heritage: most of this Vanguard and of the artists at the forefront of Asian contemporary art is not completely known in the West.
‘We Are Not That Far’ has the purpose to show the bold, innovative edge of the most accomplished and renowned contemporary Asian artists at Salmagundi, one of the oldest and most prestigious art organization in New York and therefore in America.
A visually striking experience for all the art lovers who are looking for the thrill and the excitement of rediscovering the essence of Art.

The Curators

Joseph Ralph Fraia
Joseph is an Art Curator and Art Expert specialized in marketing, media and communication. Born and returned to New York after an extensive experience abroad, he has vast knowledge and expertise of the American and International art scene, that he covers also in his role of Chief Editor of Livein Media. He is also resident artist at Salmagundi Club in New York City, where he currently sits as Chairman of the PR Committee.
April Zhang-Autio
April is the Art Director at Time Arts Gallery and an independent curator based in New York City. While working as Senior Project Manager in Nokia Finland, she developed a passionate interest in art by visiting numerous museums in France, Spain, Italy, and other countries. After moving to New York, she began to cooperate with galleries and art organizations to curate numerous art shows.

Media Partner

Livein Magazine
a painting of a woman in a colorful dress.
Pictured (top to bottom, left to right):
Koushal Choudhary, MDN
Michelle Yu, Drawing
Tianlan Deng, The Dog
Jinyi Wang, Plein Air
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