2022 03 15
By design : the life and work of the artist Dietrich.


March 15, 2022


Upper gallery


Join Gregory Dietrich as he takes you on an epic journey about the life and career of his father, the Swedish-American artist “Dietrich”, who resolved at an early age to dedicate his life to becoming a fine artist, and eventually fulfilled his dream while distinguishing himself in a variety of design-related fields along the way.
Hailing from Sweden at the age of 21, Dietrich Grunewald (1916-2003) came to America in 1938 to pursue a career as a fine artist. In the ensuing years, he worked as an etcher and a portrait artist in San Francisco; a naval draftsman in the Pacific Northwest; a scenic designer in San Francisco and Hollywood; and a wallpaper and textile designer in West Hollywood. Twenty-five years after his arrival in the US, a six-day exhibition of his oil paintings in Beverly Hills drew record crowds, making it the largest private exhibition the city had ever witnessed and paving the way for his future success as a fine artist.
But such journeys are rarely without struggle and Dietrich’s life was marked by physical injury and emotional tragedy that took a toll on himself and his loved ones. In the face of these life-altering circumstances, “By Design: The Life and Work of the Artist Dietrich” tells the story of a man of singular resolve, who was not bound by conventional wisdom but instead fueled by eternal optimism and the belief that the creative spirit can prevail during the darkest of times.
Gregory Dietrich is a New York City-based architectural historian who is the sole proprietor of Gregory Dietrich Preservation Consulting and an adjunct instructor in NYU’s Urban Design and Architecture Studies Program. In addition, he has served as a guest lecturer, panelist, and tour guide at a range of educational, cultural, and civic institutions both here and abroad, most recently with his presentation at the Salmagundi entitled “Down the Bridle Path: Exploring the Vestiges of Greenwich Village’s Equine Past.”

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Photo 1 credit: Natalie Valley, photographer, c.1939.
Photo 2 credit: Samuel Goldwyn Studio, 1944.
Photo 3 credit: Sam Perkins, photographer, c.1950.
Photo 4 credit: Bertil Svensson, photographer, 1963.