2022 Hartley Invitational [catalog].


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Exhibition name: Hartley Invitational ;

Exhibition date: February 28 – March 18, 2022 ;

Exhibition location: Salmagundi, New York, NY ;

Document title: Hartley Invitational [catalog]. ;

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Date of publication: 2022 ;

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Art exhibition.
American art exhibition.
Salmagundi Club exhibition.
Salmagundi invitational.
Hartley Invitational.

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Salmagundi Club
February 28 through March 18, 2022

Nelson Shanks “Dragonlady” Steven Assael “Bride with Veil”
Courtesy of Forum Gallery, New York, NY

Odd Nerdrum “Egg Snatchers”
Courtesy of Forum Gallery, New York, NY

47 Fifth Avenue, NY, NY 10003
Telephone 212-255-7740
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©Salmagundi Club 2022

No Artist Title Medium Price
1 Tony Curanaj Study for “Hymn” Oil on Panel $6,100
2 Carlo Russo Orientalis Oil on Panel $2,200
3 Tony Curanaj Malachite Oil on Panel $5,800
4 Richard Cameron Squirrel Run Pencil, Pastel, W/C on Paper NFS
5 Kate Lehman Echo, 2021 Oil, Patina on Copper $8,000
6 Jolene Lupo Untitled Ambrotype $3,500
7 Jonathan Wallen Staircase in the Engineer’s Club, Baltimore MD. Photographic print $800
8 Anthony Baus Plaza Hotel Pen and Sepia ink, Sepia and grey wash $6,000
9 Charles Mostow Sylviane  Wax and Plaster  $10,000
10 Nelson Shanks Dragonlady Oil on Canvas $200,000
11 Brendan Johnston Tiburtinus II Travertine stone NFS
12 Daniel Sprick Chad, 2010 Oil on Board $25,000
13 Steven Assael Bride with Veil Oil on canvas mounted to board $28,000
Courtesy of Forum Gallery New York, NY
14 Brian Booth Craig Amanda II, ed. 2 of 6 Bronze with Unique Patina $30,000
15 Edward Minoff Storm Surge Oil on Panel $6,000
16 Edward Minoff Twin Peaks Oil on Linen  $12,500
17 Justin Wood The Squirrel and the Turtle Oil on panel $6,000
18 Travis Schlaht The Red Room, 2018 Oil on Linen $8,000
19 Edward Minoff Parabola  Oil on Linen on Panel $5,000
20 Juliette Aristides Atelier Oil on panel  $6,100
Courtesy of the LeQuire Gallery
21 David Baird Ovatotondo Oil on Linen $5,400
22 David Baird Red Pears Oil on Panel $1,750
23 Joseph McGurl The Hudson River, Light and Shadow Oil on Linen $19,000
24 Marc Dalessio Watercolorists Oil on Linen $2,500
25 Charles Weed Trees by the Sea, Evening Oil on Copper $4,500
26 Brendan Johnston Arcus Oil NFS
27 John Morra “Melendez Dream” Oil $10,000
28 Anthony Baus Chicago Pen and sepia ink, Sepia, Grey and Sienna Wash $7,000
29 Sebastian Salvo Self-Portrait as an old man Oil on Canvas  $7,000
30 Odd Nerdrum Egg Snatchers Oil on Canvas $315,000
Courtesy of Forum Gallery New York, NY
31 Molly Judd Surrender Oil on Linen $14,000
32 Anthony Baus Bleecker St Pen and Sepia ink, Sepia, Grey and Sienna Wash $7,500
33 John Morra Melendez Meet Chardin Oil on Canvas $10,000
34 Jeffrey T. Larson Hope Oil on Belgian Linen $24,000
35 Patricia Watwood The Dance of Life and Death Oil on Linen $20,000
36 Michael Grimaldi Untitled (standing female nude with mannequin Oil and Encaustic on Panel $16,000
37 Kathleen Speranza ‘Bower #1” Oil $18,500
38 Emily Bedard Angel of Abundance Plaster NFS
39 Noah Buchanan Dreaming Girl  Oil on Linen $14,000
40 Katie Whipple Break Oil on Panel $18,000
41 Steven Levin The Russian Girl Oil on Canvas $5,800
42 Daniel Sprick Raj, 2012 Oil on Board $25,000
43 Mario Robinson Off Season Watercolor $8,000
44 Kamille Corry John in the Garden Oil on Linen $38,000
45 Mario Robinson Half Open Watercolor $10,000
46 Jon deMartin Chantal Oil on Wood $5,000
47 D. Jeffrey Mims ~A Oil on Oak Panel  $42,000
48 Richard Greathouse Pagan Vanitas Oil on Linen $9,000
49 David Leffel The Actress Oil $38,500
50 Jacob Collins Self-Portrait Oil NFS


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