2022 06 07
Monotype party
Rockwell gallery


June 7, 2022, 6:30PM – 9:30PM


Rockwell gallery


Materials fee to cover the cost of paper, ink, plates, etc.

$30 | General admission
$20 | Salmagundi members with promo code
The member-only promo code is sent in an email to all members, and can also be requested by contacting info@salmagundi.org

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Limited to 30 seats
Eventbrite tickets required

These parties have become the most popular events of the club season, so don’t miss out. Whether an experienced printmaker or novice it doesn’t matter!

Attendees may book a dining reservation on our Reservations page by including the message “Monotype Party dinner”.

Materials to bring:

Reference materials, sketchbooks, previous work you might want to experiment with, drawings, photos, stencils, etc. Also – personal tools, stiff bristle brushes (for working on plates), Q-Tips , tooth picks, cotton rags and paper towels.

We will supply:

Plates and Press
Basic Colors in inks
Paper for printing
All necessary tools and printmaking equipment
Paper for printing monotypes

A black and white shot of a Salmagundi Monotype party during August