Coffee House games night

Jun 1, 2023 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
Wiggins bar & grille
Open to Coffee House and Salmagundi members
RSVP required
FREE to attend

About Coffee House Games Night

Bananagrams and beyond!

Coffee House Club invites Salmagundi members to come play with them every first Thursday of the month. Get to know your fellow affiliate members.

Games will be provided or bring your own.
The bar and kitchen will be open, so you can enjoy drinks and yums.

If you’re interested, please reserve your spot by emailing Ricky Silbersher at RSVP is required, so the necessary amount of game sets and tables can be prepared.


Salmagundi Club members are welcome to reserve for dinner in the dining room via our Reservations page.

A line drawing of various tabletop games such as chess, cards, and scrabble with a glass of wine. GAMES is hand-lettered in a bold type while NIGHT is written elegantly with a curling N.
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