Jason Cheeseman-Meyer : Steering chaos


Sep 21, 2023 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM


Smith library


Salmagundi Library Committee


Open to the public; up to 40 seats
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$20 | General admission
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About the Event

Guarding against failures can guard against unexpected successes. It walls us off from surprises and discoveries, and the blissful feeling of exploration. Jason Cheeseman-Meyer discusses his work, his approaches to creating art and the guidelines he uses to find a balance between control and chaos.

Jason Cheeseman-Meyer is currently exhibiting in Salmagundi’s New York figurative exhibition, a showcase of exceptional contemporary figurative art as seen in the context of New York City and contemporary life.


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About the Speaker

Jason Cheeseman-Meyer is (currently) a Massachusetts-based artist. Born in Montreal, Canada (despite what the United States Social Security Administration has said), Jason was raised here and there around the world (Iran is the place that raises the most eyebrows). Jason has been a gallery artist, a comic-book artist, an animator, a storyboard artist for a BAFTA-winning show, a workaday illustrator, and a best-selling author (of a single how-to-draw in perspective book — let’s not get too excited).

Two young women sitting on a window sill in an open studio or gallery space, others in the background, one barefoot.