Salmagundi members’ by-laws Q&A pt II postponed

Sep 26, 2023

About the Meeting

Dear Salmagundians,
We have been advised that it would be best to postpone the final Bylaws Q&A with Seth Perlman and the vote on the bylaws until after all investigations are complete.
We have held two meetings with counsel, allowing for questions and have heard all concerns. A small cohort of concerned members worked together to generate possible amendments which have been passed on to Seth Perlman.
The most cost effective and expedient strategy is to consolidate accepted proposed amendments and any recommendations from the AG and in a single document for a final vote.
I hope to share the latest financial results in the coming weeks. Our expenses are still high, largely due to professional fees (legal and accounting).
Viva Salmagundi!
Karene Infranco
Interim Chairman
Torso of a person in a tweed coat, holding notebooks in his arm.
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