SCNY January reception


Jan 20, 2023 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM


floor B, 1, & 2


Open to the public
Eventbrite RSVP required
Up to 600 people

FREE to attend
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About the Reception

Join us for refreshments and mingling amongst a display of fine art from talented artists. Stay for the award ceremony to see this year’s award winners!

Soft drinks and platters will be provided for your enjoyment. If desired, Salmagundi’s Wiggins bar will be open on the lower level for purchase of wine and beer (card only, no cash). ID for age 21 and over will be required.

Featured Exhibitions

2022 SCNY Sylvia Maria Glesmann floral exhibition thumbnail

Sprays of colorful floral displays of paintings will be exhibited among the entries from our artist members. As this exhibition will be on view in our parlor, the brilliance of flowers will mix with our holiday decorations that celebrate the season and warm the winter’s coldest days of the year.

2022 SCNY It's a Small World thumbnail

SCNY It’s a small world | bridge & Hartley gallery

Salmagundi will present it’s first “small works” exhibition and sale for photography. Following the traditional Thumb-box paintings show and sale for the holiday season, small works are popular during the holidays as affordable gifts.

2023 SCNY Time of day thumbnail

SCNY Time of day | skylight gallery

Artists throughout time have struggled to capture the beauty of fleeting light, the magic of sunrise, and romance of moonlight. To kick off the new year, images reflecting the time of day will grace the Skylight gallery. All of the artworks are by member artists of Salmagundi.

Charity Henderson, Untitled XVII

SCNY Junior and scholarship | Rockwell gallery

This annual show exhibits works by Salmagundi members aged 35 years and younger. The Scholarship and Junior Club members have a wide variety of talent that is demonstrated in works done in various mediums and subject matters.