SCNY September reception


Sep 7, 2023 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM


skylight & Rockwell galleries


Open to the public
Eventbrite RSVP required
Up to 300 people

FREE to attend

About the Reception

Join us for refreshments and mingling amongst a display of fine art from talented artists. Stay for the award ceremony to see this year’s award winners!

Soft drinks and platters will be provided for your enjoyment. If desired, Salmagundi’s Wiggins bar will be open on the lower level for purchase of wine and beer (card only, no cash). ID for age 21 and over will be required.

Still Hungry?

Salmagundi members are welcome to have dinner in our dining room. Dining reservations can be made via our Reservations page.

Featured Exhibitions

Details for the 2023 SCNY New York Figurative exhibit.

Situated in the heart of New York City’s vibrant art world, the SCNY New York figurative exhibition is an overview of representational art that focuses on the human figure and face, as seen in the context of New York City and contemporary life.

Details for the 2023 SCNY Animals: Domestic and Working exhibit.

Salmagundi Club artists salute our loyal animal companions and those that labor among us. SCNY Animals: domestic and working showcases the beauty, complexity, and significance of domestic and working animals in our lives.

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