Cinematic beauty matinee : Citizen Kane

Sep 24, 2023 1:00 PM

Salmagundi Library Committee

Open to the public
Eventbrite RSVP required
FREE | General admission
+ $8 | Wine
On Eventbrite, you will have the option of purchasing an $8 wine ticket add-on to be redeemed at the post-screening discussion.

About the Event

Orson Welles as Charles Kane on a stage, gestering his hand from behind a podium. Behind him are men in suits, sitting and a giant banner with his face and name.

Cinematic beauty is back at Salmagundi for the Fall season, and we’re thrilled to start with what has been universally hailed as one of the greatest films of all time – Citizen Kane. A young and brash Orson Welles, at the height of his powers, wrote, directed and starred in an epic spectacle that would change the rules of filmmaking for all time. Welles’s tragic tale of the rise and fall of a media mogul employed revolutionary camera techniques developed by Welles and the brilliance of cinematographer Gregg Toland. Please join us as we proudly present this iconic gem of movie history and then stick around afterward for wine (Eventbrite add-on required) and a discussion with your fellow cinephiles.

Duration: 119 minutes

About Salmagundi Library Cinematic Beauty Matinee

Cinephiles, film connoisseurs and people who just love classic movies unite for an evening of timeless cinematic beauty. This continuing series showcases the work of directors who possessed a particular eye for stylish aesthetic and gorgeous composition. While some directors used film to create high intellectual art and others exploited the medium for mere thrills, Salmagundi Library Movie Night presents the rare geniuses who gave us both.

Each evening will feature a film introduction by Michael Fetherston. Complementary popcorn is provided. While RSVPing through Eventbrite, atendees will have the option to purchase a wine ticket to be redeemed at the post-screening discussion.

About Michael Fetherston

Michael FetherstonMichael Fetherston is a New York City based fine artist by day and film enthusiast by night. Growing up in Manhattan’s East Village, Fetherston regularly attended the legendary revival ‘Theater 80 Saint Marks’ where he fell in love with classic cinema. Great directors have often looked to painters as inspiration for composition and design and he believes that painters might learn something from the best auteurs in return.