Cinematic beauty night : The red shoes

Mar 3, 2023 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Rockwell gallery

Salmagundi Library Committee

Open to the public
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FREE to attend
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A pale, brunette woman with a white dress and red ballet slippers points her toe, her wrists bent so that her palms face the foot. She stans in front of a dirty outdoor corridor.

About the Movie

1948 poster for The Red Shoes. A woman in a white dress and red ballet slippers leaps gracefully toward a man with his arms raised, a red shadow over most of his body. In the background is the enlarged green-tinted face of a man with an expression of curiosity.

Join us for a presentation of the romantic masterpiece, The Red Shoes. Winner of the Academy award for best picture, The Red Shoes stars Moira Shearer as a gifted ballerina who is faced with an impossible choice between her dedication to art or a yearning for love. Often hailed as the most beautiful film ever made, mesmerizing imagery dazzles the eye with grand costumes and meticulous attention to set design. Crescendoing with a legendary seventeen minute ballet performance of the Hans Christian Andersen fairytale that the film is based on and utilizing experimental film techniques, The Red Shoes is sure to inspire artists of any medium. Martin Scorsese has called The Red Shoes the most beautiful color film ever made, and it has been acknowledged as a major influence by Steven Speilberg and Francis Ford Coppola.

About Salmagundi Library Cinematic Beauty Night

Cinephiles, film connoisseurs and people who just love classic movies unite for an evening of timeless cinematic beauty. This continuing series showcases the work of directors who possessed a particular eye for stylish aesthetic and gorgeous composition. While some directors used film to create high intellectual art and others exploited the medium for mere thrills, Salmagundi Library Movie Night presents the rare geniuses who gave us both.

There will be free popcorn and a cash bar with food for sale. Each evening will feature a film introduction by Michael Fetherston.

Still Hungry?

Salmagundi members are welcome to reserve for dinner via our Reservations page. Please be aware that last seating is at 8:30 PM.

About Michael Fetherston

Michael FetherstonMichael Fetherston is a New York City based fine artist by day and film enthusiast by night. Growing up in Manhattan’s East Village, Fetherston regularly attended the legendary revival ‘Theater 80 Saint Marks’ where he fell in love with classic cinema. Great directors have often looked to painters as inspiration for composition and design and he believes that painters might learn something from the best auteurs in return.

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