Salmagundi Plein Air Painters and Friends : Seven Bridges paint out

Sep 14, 2023 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Seven Bridges Foundation Inc in Greenwich, CT
Salmagundi Plein Air Painters and Friends
Seven Bridges

Open to Salmagundi members
FREE to attend

About the Event

Enjoy a spectacular day in a bucolic setting that abounds with very paintable scenes to delight any plein air painter. We begin our day locating and painting on 80 acres of majestic beauty including spanning bridges over tranquil ponds. Well placed sculptures from renown artists dot the landscapes. The location of this very special location is among the rolling hills of residential Greenwich, CT.

In addition, we tour the two mind shattering buildings filled with multiple paintings, sculptures, and displays of artistic glass with representation from  such prominent artists as Steven Assel, Odd Nerdrum, Bo Bartlett, Carl Dobsky, Greg Gandy, Daniel Greene, our own Jacob Collins, Vincent Desiderio, Richard Estes, and more, guided by Seven Bridges Art Director, Jamie DeMiceli.

Questions may be emailed to Roger Rossi at

Eric Leichtung at will arrange the transportation and the logistics of this event at a later date.

About the Seven Bridges Foundation

A sculpture of two ducks is in the middle of a grass yard next to a street and in front of a forest.

Located in the northwestern corner of Greenwich, Connecticut, Seven Bridges Foundation houses a unique collection of representational art in a beautiful country setting. The landscaped grounds with their unusual conifers, dogwoods and weeping cherries, provide a serene and scenic setting to enjoy the diverse collection of sculptures by emerging and established artists. Through their vision, creativity and generosity, the Gallery building, which houses over 200 works, was completed in 1994. The collection is a vibrant reflection of life inspired by humanity and creative expression.