Sublimism : reconciling art and truth

Dec 15, 2023 6:00 PM
skylight gallery
Salmagundi Program Committee

Open to the public
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$30 | general admission
$15 | Salmagundi members with promo code
The painting of a man looking over a foggy cliff, as the spray of waves crashes beneath him.

“Art is the Sublimation of life; the means by which Life discovers its own sublimity.”

– Ilario Colli

About the event

The Salmagundi Club Presents: An Evening of Sublimism

In pursuing the absurd, the irreverent, and the crass, we have forgotten what true beauty is. But now, there is a movement to reclaim Art and Truth to heal the rupture caused by Postmodernism.

Join us for an evening of philosophical discussions, literary readings, and original music as we introduce you to Sublimism. This bold new art movement seeks to restore Beauty, Nobility, and Wonder to the world.

With the advent of Postmodernism, a sacred and eternal bond was torn asunder – that between Art and Truth. Now, instead of Beauty, Nobility, and Wonder, what is exalted in our Art is the absurd, the irreverent, and the crass. It is now high time to correct this woe, time to reconcile Art and Truth, and once and for all heal the rupture Postmodernism caused.
Aesthetic philosopher, Ilario Colli and his colleague, literary author, Raphael Chloé have spent the last few months feverishly devising a way to do precisely this – they have called it Sublimism.
In a global first, Colli will launch this bold and profound new art movement to the world, while Chloé will recite excerpts of the first literature inspired by it – all at the Salmagundi Club, one of the country’s most prestigious Art institutions.
Join renowned Artist, Jacob Collins, as he hosts an evening of philosophical discussions, literary readings, and original music penned ad hoc for the event by bold composer, Joao MacDowell.

What to expect

– A global-first launch of Sublimism by aesthetic philosopher Ilario Colli
– A thought-provoking panel discussion on Sublimism featuring notable guest appearances
– Literary readings by author Raphael Chloé
– Original music by renowned composer Joao MacDowell

About the speakers

Ilario Colli – founder of Sublimism

Based in New York City, Ilario Colli is an Italian-Australian author, philosopher, and former classical music journalist. He interviewed pre-eminent figures such as Ennio Morricone, covered world premières by Philip Glass, and was once called “Australia’s leading classical music critic.” His first major published work, In Art as in Life: A History of Beauty and a Critique of Postmodern Relativism has been described as “a major achievement for any writer.”

Colli’s website 

Raphael Chloé – founder of literary Sublimsim

Texas-born and raised novelist Raphael Chloé is the author of the novella Emøcean and the novel Tøska. Known for his masterful prose and poetic imagery, Chloé has been likened to Proust, whom he recognizes as a significant influence. A respected industry professional once said of his work: “Chloé has the potential to become one of the great writers of the 21st century”.

Joao MacDowell – composer

Noted by the Swedish press as “a new thinker in the genre,” the Brazilian composer João MacDowell has a career that spans from punk to opera. Currently serving as artistic director of the International Brazilian Opera Company – IBOC in NYC, MacDowell had his first Symphony premiered by the National Orchestra of Brasilia. He is the author of five operas, including The Seventh Seal. Other works by the composer include chamber music, film soundtrack, and songs.

International Brazilian Opera Company.

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