The untold story of the Netherland Club of New York

a historical exploration

Apr 14, 2023 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
skylight gallery

Open to NL Club, Salmagundi members, and their guests
RSVP required

$10 | NL Club and Salmagundi Club members
FREE | Patron members of the NL Club
$20 | Guests
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About the Event

The Netherland Club of New York was founded in that same city on April 16, 1903. The city has developed, grown and changed and so has the club.

The club has donated its archive to the city’s public library and our member Joseph Manseld is currently looking through the more than 17 ft of boxes, reconstructing the timeline of the club in preparation of its 120th birthday.

On Friday April 14th, Joseph will present some of his earliest discoveries about the beautiful history of our beloved club taking us from the establishment in 1903, through barely surviving the war at Rockefeller Center, to the club’s emancipation accepting women as members, past the Centennial to today.

Joining us are a few Netherland Club oldtimers who have lived through many decades of changes bringing some of the research to life with well-lived stories.

The Cast Iron Stamp from 1903 will be present at the club during the lecture. Members may stamp a card to take home as a souvenir.

Attendees can mingle and discuss the topic further after the lecture during the monthly NL Club borrel in the bar of the club.

Black and white: circular imprint containing the words "The Netherland Club of New York," the year "1903, and a tall, thin building.
Castiron stamp from 1903 - Attendees may stamp a card to take home as a souvenir.
Plaque, gold metal on wood, reading "THE NETHERLAND CLUB OF NEW YORK; MEMBERS ONLY"
Recently uncovered historical plaque.
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