Milène Fernández : Studio visits – how to engage with artists


May 23, 2024 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM


Smith library


Salmagundi Library Committee


Open to the public
RSVP required

$50 | General admission
$25 | Salmagundi members
FREE | Collectors Circle members with discount code
+ $50 | prix-fixe dinner
+ $8 | glass of wine with admission
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A woman is seated across from a sculptor in his studio, full of busts and full body casts.

About the Event

This Salmagundi Collectors Circle talk is open to collectors as well as to artists. Arts writer and art collector, Milène J. Fernández will guide a discussion on the benefits of visiting artists in their studios, how to engage with artists before, during, and after studio visits, what crucial questions to ask, and how best to foster relationships with artists for collecting their art and supporting their careers.

About the Speaker

The moderator, Milène J. Fernández ( is a writer, editor, art collector, and “Sunday painter.” As a former Arts & Culture staff writer for The Epoch Times, she interviewed more than 40 artists and musicians in their studios. Her articles have also been published in Fine Art Connoisseur magazine and Canvas (the online magazine of New Masters Academy). She is also the editor of the third edition of the Vilppu Drawing Manual.

Currently, Milène (pronounced: Meelen) is editing for various clients, continues learning how to draw and paint, and is writing her first book. Milène J. Fernández is a patron member, serving as a Library Committee member and as the Second Vice President on the Board of Salmagundi.

A woman engages in conversation with an older man in his New York artist studio. The walls are adorned with framed drawings.
Epoch Times arts writer Milene Fernandez speaks with artist Burton Silverman in his studio at his home in the Upper West Side of Manhattan, New York on December 20, 2016 (Samira Bouaou/Epoch Times)


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Salmagundi Collectors Circle

This lecture is part of the Salmagundi Collectors Circle: an annual program for art lovers to unite for enrichment in the arts. There is access to a series of lectures per year, tours, dinners, meeting with artists, and the opportunity to share information with other enthusiasts. Find out more!

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