Alastair Dacey [NRP 2021]


First name: Alastair ;
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Last name:
Darcey ;

Member: Non-resident patron member ; 
2021 ;
n/a ;



I trained at the Rhode Island School of Design, Ingbretson Studios and Cecil Studios in Florence, Italy.

Wandering initially from bold abstract and color plane paintings to delicate linear musings with ink and pencil, I eventually came to focus my painting on careful observation and interpretive realism. Nineteenth century aesthetics and academic traditions became my guide -with a generous smattering of Impressionism. Applying my training and historical sensibilities to my own work, I treat painting as a feat of craftsmanship and a challenge to freshly perceive my corner of the globe.

I co-curated the 2016 exhibition “Illuminating Tarbell, Legacy in Action” and am an active painting and drawing instructor. My work is in noteworthy collections including the St. Botolph Club and the New Hampshire State House.

Commissioned work has played an important role in my career and I enjoy the collaborative aspect. Feel free to contact me for information on how I approach a commission. I also create work for galleries and exhibitions.




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