Anderson Flanders [SCH NRA 2018-2023]

First name:  Anderson ;
Middle name:  ;
Last name:
  Flanders ;

Member: Scholarship non-resident artist member ; 
2018 ;
2023 ;


Anderson Flanders is a fine artist from the Caribbean (Sint Maarten) who has been pursuing his art career in the United States, Connecticut. For Flanders, creating portraits – whether the subject matter is an animal or person – has always been about capturing the essence of who they are, their likeness, and bringing it all to life on paper. That’s been his inspiration and what drives him to do portraits.  In 2018 his pastel drawing “Portrait of Linda” was juried into the Pastel Society of America annual exhibition and was later selected from the show to be part of an exhibition at the Butler Institute of American Art in Youngstown, Ohio. He’s won the Art Spirit Foundation Gold medal award for excellence in pastel at the American artist professional league’s 90 Grand National Exhibition.




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December 23, 2019

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