Anton Zhou [SCH NRA 2019]

First name: Anton ;
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Zhou ;

Member: Scholarship non-resident artist member ; 
2019 ;
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It all started with a small space next to his bedroom.
Tranquil nights in a Southern Texas neighborhood stood silent, later to be kindled by a faint light that entertained nightcrawlers with the lively silhouette of a young artist. It was in this setting where Anton’s studio came into inception and where his practice was conceived.

A Houston native, Anton brewed his passion for art through various activities including plein air painting. Characterized largely by representational genres, his early work employs spontaneous colors and textures harmonized with techniques pioneered by his idols. Anton became infatuated with paint’s versatility, experimenting with oil painting at a young age and constantly discovering new qualities.

However, this process takes courage.

The blank canvas was a daunting surface that invited an artist whose craft had yet matured. Once enveloped by a discord between overflowing ideas and budding draftsmanship, Anton has now learned to embrace this creative chaos.

Emerging from a foundation enriched by academics, Anton later studied at the Florence Academy of Art where he underwent a period of formal training. Embellished with an impressionistic touch, Anton’s work captures the expressive and ephemeral quality of his subjects through a classical yet contemporary lens. He now considers his style a manifestation of his diverse experiences that have introduced him to many important people in his life.

Through an undying passion for painting and drawing, Anton has gained much support from his family, peers and the art world at large. He has received tremendous guidance from several individuals, including founder of Artists of Texas Laurie Pace and his high school teacher Mrs. Donna Reedy, who was instrumental in helping him find his artistic voice.

Now studying at Columbia University, Anton hopes to further his craft and continue expanding his breadth of knowledge. He highly values a balance between intellectual curiosity and artistry. In his leisure time, you can find him hosting workshops, avidly practicing his Spanish or working out with friends in the fitness community.

During his time at Columbia,
several works of literature have impacted Anton’s thought process as an artist. He is fascinated by the metaphysics and transitory phases that stabilize and destabilize our framework. They are abstract thoughts fueled by possibilities, all of which he strives to illustrate.

My artistic practice is rooted in fundamentals that lay the groundwork for creativity. With my work I hope to explore time, space and temporality which, together, convey various aspects of the human construct.

Perfect Score, Advanced Placement 2-D Design Portfolio
Reserve Grand Champion, 2017 Houston Rodeo School Art Competition
Texas Young Master, granted by the Texas Commission on the Arts
National Silver Medal in Painting, The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards
Portrait Class Champion, Houston Rodeo Quick Draw Contest
Four-time Gold Seal Winner at the Visual Arts Scholastic Event
Best AP Drawing Portfolio, Clements High School 2015 “Retrospective” Show
Winner of the 2015 Congressional Art Competition
First Place, 2015 CFAI Artist Showdown
Full Time Illustrator for The Columbia Daily Spectator
“Impressionist Anton Zhou: A Talented Young Artist”, 2016
Featured Artist in Issue Thirteen of The Adroit Journal, 2015
Featured Artist and “Colors on My Palette” Interview in Visual Language Magazine, 2015





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