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Our newest area

One of the newest areas at the Salmagundi are its archives dedicated to digitizing and arranging the collection of materials generated by the club and its members over its long history. The organization’s primary focus has and will always be on the promotion of living artists, but with the addition of the archives, we hope to preserve our rich history and its importance within American art. The archives are available to researchers, public and members via the web 24/7 as they become digitized.  Currently there is no physical access to the archives.


Research support

Salmagundi welcomes inquiries about its history from the public, family of members past, as well as researchers interested in our rich history. As an all volunteer organization, we do not have full-time support staff for the archives but will address all inquiries as quick as possible. Please allow up to one-week for initial responses.

Archive access

Currently there is no physical access to the archives to the public, researchers or Salmagundi members.  The records are located in an inaccessible area of the club and will be digitized and made available online.


Help the archives

If you own materials that relate to Salmagundi and would like to donate them to us, please contact us before sending.  We welcome materials but do not want to duplicate any current records or efforts.  See our contact list below.



The archives are run by a small group of volunteer members.  Archives are under the Salmagundi Museum of American Art and the Salmagundi Library.  For questions or inquiries please send to William “Bill” Eric Indursky, Chair, Curatorial Committee, Salmagundi Museum of American Art, Salmagundi Club, 47 5th Avenue, New York, NY  10003.  Email at: curator@salmagundi.org

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