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Created by Club members and various committees, the scrapbooks gathered newspaper clippings, past exhibition catalogs and other ephemera documenting the Club’s activities.

The bound books and binders include: clipping book 1890 to 1927; scrapbook on artist sketches, bound, ca.1901; press clippings 1916 to 1922; clipping book 1916 to 1926; clipping book 1930 to 1944; scrapbook, mixed, 1941 to 1944; art & entertainment committee scrap book 1940 to 1951; large scrapbook ca.1960s; scrapbook binder 2003 to 2009; scrapbook on Old Lyme dated 1937; Salmagundi Oil Painting Exhibition, coil bound by Alex Katlan, ca.1980s; a binder of sculptor participant biographies, 1999; two large binders of works by Salmagundi artists in the Smithsonian.

In addition, the library has bound works on: the biography of Alphaeus P. Cole, a former member, 1985; biography binder on former member Harry Roseland, 2004; and a box of color photos recording the Christmas diner of 1997.

There is a procedural guide for the library bound from 1983.

Outside clubs activities are also recorded in several binders including: American Watercolor Club exhibitions records; 3 volume binders of the Audubon Society Artist Exhibition Records, 1942 to 1969, 1970 to 1995, 1996 to 2008.

The library owns a copy of the history and development of the Hawley Mansion, the location that the Club is current within.