Barbara Alice Moir [NRA 2009]

First name: Barbara ;
Middle name:
Alice ;
Last name:
Moir ;

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2006 ;
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Barbara Alice Moir (b. New Rochelle, NY). I’m an oil painter of rural and urban landscapes of the Delaware and Hudson regions and Manhattan. I was raised in the Catskills of New York State and first learned about brushes and paints from my mother, Adele Moir, a plein air water color and pastel artist.

My paintings were first exhibited in NYC with the signature Barbara C. Thompson, my former married name. Going forward all paintings will have the Moir name, (said: Moy-er) my (Scottish) birth name.

It’s a joy to paint landscapes because I grew up in the country, smelling the rich earth, hearing the birds loudly every morning, surrounded by trees, stone walls, gardens, and fields. Sullivan County, New York is beautiful. It’s the Delaware region…very wooded, with many white pines and hard wood hammocks.

On the other hand, there’s the city. My grandparents for many generations were from New Rochelle and New York City. I know the immigrant heritage of stone masons and horse stables in the city. The old buildings, stone work, iron railings, doorways, and lanterns speak to me of my personal history. Painting the streets of New York is a way of connecting with that past.

I suppose I am lucky to be a painter at all considering how little support existed for art as I grew up. I learned from my mother, at first, who was also an artist by her own merits. We had no art museums near us, no classes. She would pack us kids into the car and take us to some scenic place to wait for her while she painted. It was all her idea.

Much of my early painting started the same way. It was my idea. I bought my own paints. I decided to do it.

I studied watercolor privately in the Berkshires during the 1970’s and won my first painting award in Great Barrington, Massachusetts for an acrylic portrait of my daughter.

In the 1990’s, in Florida, I married the late Sam Massette, an acrylic American naval artist, whose paintings today are archived with the U.S. Navy. Professionally and artistically, Massette, coming from an executive background with U.S. Steel, raised every bar , including not only art but photography and writing, as well. I entered juried photography shows in Florida, winning Best in Show and First Place. Sam introduced me to the many books and videos of Helen Van Wyk and helped me apply Van Wyk’s techniques.

Decades later, when I moved back up to New York, to Jackson Heights, in 2005, at the birth of my first grandson, I joined the Jackson Heights Art Club. Member, Bob Bouchett noticed my framed photography and encouraged me to join the Salmagundi Club. I was accepted into the club in 2006 as photographer and oil painter.

In 2007, I became the Jackson Heights Art Club’s children’s art instructor and gave adult workshops in palette knife instruction. I attended workshops of visiting artists at Salmagundi and exhibited my own work at Flushing Town Hall, National Organization for Women in the Arts, Audubon Artists, American Artists Professional League, National League of American Pen Women, Weill Cornell Medical Center Library, and St. Francis College in Brooklyn.

PLEIN AIR PAINTING In 2009, I left the city, moved up into the Hudson Valley. I took a small apartment to paint in the farmland on Fiddlers Bridge Road. From there I moved across the river to Catskill, NY in 2010 to paint in the Thomas Cole area, then down to the black dirt area of the farms in Goshen, N.Y. In 2011, one of my paintings was part of Salmagundi’s American landscape show that traveled to Amsterdam, Netherlands. From 2012 to 2014, I continued commissioned work for European and Floridian clients, and exhibited in two galleries: in Narrowsburg, N.Y. and Milford, PA.

My present studio is in Franklin, Sussex County, New Jersey and have recently joined Oil Painters of America.





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