Barbara Berne Smith [NRA 2023]


First name: Barbara ;
Middle name:
Berne ;
Last name:
Smith ;

Member: Non-Resident Artist Member 2023 ; 
n/a ;
n/a ;


Barbara “Berne” Smith is a professional artist sculptor who creates award winning Porcelain clay works
of traditional realism which express relationships, behavior and perspective of animals interacting with
their daily environment. Ms. Smith’s insights are gained from a lifetime of working with and observing
animals. Owning and living on a farm in central Virginia provides her with a constant window on the
personalities and activities of animals in their natural surroundings that inspire her creative works. Ms.
Smith is an Elected Artist Member of The Salmagundi Club, Signature Member of The American Artists
Professional League Inc. (AAPL), Elected and Signature Member of Audubon Artists Inc., and National
Sculpture Society member.
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May 16, 2023

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