Birch “Burt” Burdette Long (1878-1927) [RA 1906-1927]
American Realist architectural illustrator ;
[Born May 27, 1877 in Columbia City, IN – died March 1, 1927 in Manhattan, New York, NY]


SAL record control number: 81616 ;

Record level: Person ;

Record type: Artist ;


Birth: May 27, 1877 in Columbia City, IN ;
Death: March 1, 1927 in Manhattan, New York, NY ;
Sex: Male ;
Ethnicity: White ; 
Gemini ;

Known for: Architectural drawings ; architectural illustrations ; architectural illustrations of New York ;
Medium: Pencil ; watercolor ;
Technique: Drawing ; drafting ; painting ;
Subjects: Lincoln Memorial ; New York City ; Washington, DC ; Nebraska State Capitol Building ; Hotel William Penn ; San Diego Fair ; London ; Woolworth Building ;

Areas: Columbia City, IN ; Manhattan, New York, NY (1903-1904) ; NE ; London, England ; New York, NY ; Washington, DC ; San Diego, CA ; Europe (1903) ; Spain (1904?) ; Chicago, IL (1905) ;
Father: Joel B Long (1851-?), fruit farmer ;
Mother: Sara J Birch (1854-?) ;
Spouse: Stella Richelieu (Childs) Long (1880-?), first wife, married June, 1902, was a beautiful woman, divorced him very publicly blaming artistic temperament and mother-in-law (1909) ; Arita (Smith) Long (1895-?), second wife ;

Work: Architectural illustrations for Century magazine “London in transformation” (1904) ; Drawings of New York, Lincoln Memorial, Washington, DC, San Diego Fair, San Diego, CA, Woolworth Building, New York, NY, Nebraska State Capitol Building, NE ; Hotel William Penn, Pittsburgh, PA, decorated ;


Member: Salmagundi, New York, NY, resident artist member (1904-1927) ;
Exhibited with: San Francisco Exposition, San Francisco, CA, drawings of New York ; Salmagundi, New York, NY ; Architectural League of New York, New York, NY (1907), jury ;
Awards: Chicago Architectural Club, Chicago, IL, winner two traveling scholarships ;





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January 2, 2021

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