C W Mundy [NRA 2016]

First name:  C W ;
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  Mundy ;

Member: Non-resident artist member ; 
2016 ;


C.W. Mundy was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana. He graduated with a Fine Art Degree and a Secondary Education Teaching Degree from Ball State University in Indiana in 1969 and then worked on a Masters of Fine Art at Long Beach State (CA). From an early age, Mundy demonstrated a propensity for drawing and athletics. In 1978, he combined his love for art and sports and worked as a sports illustrator for over a decade, becoming the official illustrator for Bobby Knight, head basketball coach at Indiana University. He received important commissions from the Pro Golfers Association, the United States Golf Association, and the National Basketball Association.

In the early 1990’s, Mundy sought a different approach to painting and took on the challenge of painting in a more impressionistic style, going out of doors and painting “en plein air” and “from life”. He studied with Dan Gerhartz and Scott Christensen in 1994, and with their encouragement and teaching, Mundy moved away from the restrictions of illustrative art to a looser brush style and freer expression in Impressionism. This painting style led Mundy to a series of European Plein Air painting trips, beginning with a trip to France in 1995 and continuing up through the present. With each trip and collection of paintings, Mundy produced a brochure and a documentary video, which was given to collectors who purchased the work.

Among his honors, Mundy was invited in 2003 to Master Signature Membership in the national organization Oil Painters of America. In 2007, he achieved Master Status in The American Impressionist Society. He is also a Signature Member of The American Society of Marine Artists. Most recently, Mundy was invited to Signature Membership in the prestigious California Art Club.




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