Carol Colby Tanenbaum [RA 2015]

First name: Carol ;
Middle name:
Colby ;
Last name:
Tanenbaum ;

Member: Resident artist member ; 
2015 ;
n/a ;



Discovery consists of looking at the same thing as everyone else does and thinking something different.” Albert Szent-Gyorgy

As a photographer, I try to show the basics of a form, even as I ask you to question what you are seeing. What I see tells me a story. The “story” that you see might be very different.

I like to take my subjects out of context, or change their perspective. Most of my work falls into two categories: abstract or informal/candid. With the abstract images, I find that I’m always seeing something new, even in things I’ve seen many times. In the informal images, I look for the angle, the perspective, that’s just a bit different. Here again, something most people don’t see.

When I photograph individuals, I look for an unguarded moment, to show vulnerability or strength. If I am photographing buildings or locations, I try to alter the viewer’s line of sight in some way, to offer another perspective of what they’re actually seeing.

I don’t believe in manipulating my images, other than an occasional adjustment in color or cropping. I want you to see what I see. By doing so, I hope to open your eyes to the sensuality and complexity of objects usually rejected as abandoned, decayed or deteriorating. I try to bring fantasy to an everyday situation or environment within its ordinariness.

This is the way I see things. Perhaps you will see them differently. As long as they are pleasing, or provocative, or merely interesting, you will have shared a brief moment of my visual journey.

May your journey be safe, and always filled with excitement and wonder.





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