Christopher Pierce [NRA 1992]

First name:  Christopher  ; 
Middle name:
Last name:
Pierce  ;

Member: Non-resident artist member ;
1992 ;


Christopher Pierce is a nationally recognized fine artist who paints florals, still lifes, portraits, figures, and interiors with panache and a mature sensitivity. Along with his stunning portraiture, he is well known for the huge and commanding florals that come from the bounty of his gardens in Upstate New York.

The magazine 518 Profiles in November 2021 published a lavishly illustrated article chronicling Pierce’s experience and education in fine art and classical music. Along with reproductions of recent paintings there are photographs of his imposing Shushan, New York studio and of the artist at work. Mr. Pierce is quoted, saying, “It’s all about passion for me. I get wrapped up in the passion of art. I’m the luckiest person in the world because in the studio I have my Steinway piano and my easel. I can give recitals, my artwork hangs in galleries around the country, and I’m doing what I did when I was nine-years-old. I’m Fullfilled




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