Clement Rollins Grant (1848-1893) [RP ca.1891-1893] : Moonlight, woman on the beach, 1891.


SAL record control number: 99316 ;

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Work title: Moonlight, woman on the beach  [Title from collection database] ;

Alternate work titles:
2021 : Moonlight, woman on the beach  [Title from collection database] ;

Work date: 1891 [from front of canvas] ;

Work creator: Clement Rollins Grant (1848-1893) [RP ca.1891-1893] ;

Work medium: Oil on canvas ;
Work dimensions: 15-1/8 x 13 inches [unframed] | 18-1/2 x 16-1/2 x 1-3/4 inches [framed] ;

Inscribed / signed front:
Location: At lower right.
Dated: Yes.
Text: ‘C R Grant 91’.

Verso: [unknown] ;

SAL category: Oil ;
SAL sub-category: Genre ;

Archives of American Art subjects:
Architecture — Boat
Architecture — Boat — Sailboat
Art — American
Art ― Private collections ― New York (State)
Art ― Private collections ― New York (State) ― Salmagundi
Figure female
Figure female — Full length
Landscape — Beach
Landscape — Time
Landscape — Time — Night
Waterscape — Boat
Waterscape — Coast

Description of work:

Clement Rollins Grant was a Realist figure and landscape painter. At the age of eighteen he traveled to Europe, spending time in Great Britain and France. By 1887, he had relocated to New York City, where he supported himself by producing reproductive etchings of well-known paintings. Grant exhibited at the Paris Salon in 1878 and at the National Academy of Design. This example by Grant is typical of his work, often depicting women in interiors and in landscapes.


ca.1891 SCNY, gift of the artist (possibly), accession #2007.1 ;
1891 Clement Rollins Grant (1848-1893) [RP ca.1891-1893], the artist .

Exhibition history:
2021 SCNY 1880-something : Victorian art at its height August 1 – September 30.

References / citations:
– Collection database, accession #2007.1.

– CONDITION : Conserved by Alexander W Katlan in August, 2008.  See report on file.


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