Cody S Brothers (b.1966) [NM]

Cody S Brothers (b.1966)
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Cody Brothers is a self taught native New Mexican photographer, who developed and honed his craft working in professional photographic labs for the past 30 years. Together with his wife, Nikkol, he has owned and operated Visions Photo Lab, here in Santa Fe, NM., since 2005.

Since returning to New Mexico his professional photographic career has flourished. He has completed commissions for the state of Nevada, documenting their water reclamation resources, and the art deco architecture of the dams, pumping stations and water resources along the Colorado River. In 2016, he was awarded the NEA’s “Imagine Your Parks” Grant, with the sponsorship of The Springs Preserve of Las Vegas, NV., commemorating the Centennial of the founding of the National Parks Service. Upon receiving the grant the NPCA (National Park Conservation Association) sponsored a show of his National Parks imagery at the Russell Rotunda Senate Office Building in Washington D.C. Most recently, in January 2020 he served as Artist in Residence in Death Valley NP, and in October 2020 at Shenandoah NP.

Because he primarily works with infrared film, he was initially intrigued by the idea of the long exposure times a pinhole camera could offer if modified to shoot infrared film. The lengthy exposure times he felt would allow him to capture imagery more associated with time and feel, while setting up his lens based equipment for more precision documentation. He was immediately thrilled by the results, and taken in by the “Dream State” feel and quality of the imagery.

In 2012, to sharpen his skills with the process he set out on a project “Through the Pinhole 2012”, to capture at least one pinhole image every day for the entire year. In doing so he developed a thorough familiarity with the camera and the exposure times needed for just about every kind of environment, light, and situation. Because of obligations and travels throughout that year he was given a glimpse of how this new form of capture could assist in the overall development and evolution of his photographic journey. While in New York City for an exhibition, and having to fulfill my daily image requirements, it dawned on him that a completely different form of street photography could be achieved. Hence, the birth of the project “NYC Through the Pinhole”.

Since the project in 2012, he continued with and completed the project in New York City, and has just recently concluded another yearlong photo a day project throughout 2020.

Cody is represented by galleries in Denver, New York City, and Santa Fe. His work is part of the permanent collections of New Mexico Art in Public Places, New Mexico History Museum, Springs Preserve in Las Vegas, NV., and the University of New Mexico.


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