Dana York [NRA 2014]

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Brushes in hand, and dreams in mind, from childhood Dana York, has been walking the winding, yet precious, path of artistic expression, from piano to sculpture to painting, and later, of understanding living processes from cellular and biophysical science to medical laser research.

The study of illuminated historical documents triggered a creative process through which illumination and calligraphy poetically combined to confirm the most beautiful of promises. Spellbound by the traditional art of an 18th-century school of glass painting, the artist observed and analyzed forms, volumes, substances, and techniques, that crisscrossed the world from Italy to Germany via Iran. Art knows no borders. Captivated by its light, DANA pursued the art of reverse painting expressed upon panels of glass or plexiglas — a fierce and painstaking technique yielding a most vigorous aesthetic result.

While inhabiting her paintings, some collectors indulge an intellectual pleasure invoked by playful recapitulations of the Venetian school, others embrace DANA’s personal interpretation of the Ketuba form, richly adorned with gilding, writings, and symbolic images.

Dana York left New York for the sun of the Côte d’Azur, infusing her work with a new treatment of color –metallic tones, pastel blue, emerald green and bright yellows. Happiness is inspiring and infectious in these paintings whose emotion seems to overwhelm technique. As always we find in her work, an astonishing and daring mixture of tradition and modernity.

DANA is the artist whose lustrous panels inspire Love, Harmony and Peace. DANA is the exponent of a new genre bringing us nearer to an archetypal intuition. The calming resolve arises from the innovative use of modern and minimalist themes to infuse and invigorate a skilled remote technique. This is a transporting art that urges us to the threshold of dream and reality, to a liminal space in which all is both thought out and spontaneous. Remarkable.






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