Daniel R Marshall [NRA 2016]


First name:  Daniel ;
Middle name:
Last name:
  Marshall ;

Member: Non-resident artist member ; 
2016 ;


Dan’s work is greatly influenced by living in the American West. Inspired by the fading scenes of rustic farms and working ranches, framed in by the beautiful landscapes Colorado and New Mexico have to offer. Growing up on the East Coast and having previously lived in California, his work retains a strong connection to coastal and nautical life. Regardless of the subject, his unique view of the Americana aesthetic can always be found.

An award winning professional artist and leading name in the tattoo industry since 1995, redirecting the majority of his creative energy to fine art painting in watercolor since 2013. He’s been featured in Watercolor Artist Magazine, Southwest Art Magazine, American Art Collector and Plein Air Magazine. He is also a regular contributor, writing articles about plein air painting, experiences and watercolor instruction.

Daniel is represented by the Huse Skelly Gallery on Balboa Island, California. 2019 brought Daniel his first formal Museum exhibition at the Nicolaysan Art Museum in Casper, WY.

Daniel is a much sought after instructor, teaching watercolor workshops regularly and demonstrating for art groups throughout the country. He’s taken that experience and started a successful online teaching program,

He is an avid plein air painter, being inspired by and painting the majority of his works on location. This has helped him to develop a confident style with an immediacy and freshness infused into each painting.

Daniel Marshall is currently based in Denver, Colorado.






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