Daniel Roy [RA 2023]


First name: Daniel ;
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Roy ;

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2023 ;
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Born and raised in San Francisco, Daniel was firmly bitten by the magic bug at the age of 10.

Since then, he has appeared at the world-famous Hollywood Magic Castle, been featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer, and has appeared on Penn & Teller: Fool Us on National TV! His audiences have included Fortune 500 Companies, Hollywood actors, and members of the U.S. Congress. In 2019, he became one of the youngest magicians ever to receive the Milbourne Christopher award for Close-Up Magician of the Year. He currently resides in New York City and performs at events all across the United States.

Daniel specializes in two areas of magic:


After learning that his great-grandfather won the family restaurant in a wild-west poker game (yes, that’s actually a true story), Daniel spent his formative years mastering the most difficult branch of card manipulation: the techniques used by professional card cheats. To prove to his parents that he didn’t waste his adolescence, he’ll explain how hustlers of old could swindle you out of your money, your jewelry, and even your family business.


Daniel studied the psychology of deception while completing his degree in Neurobiology at the University of Pennsylvania — where he has also lectured about the history of magic. Realizing that what the world really needed was more pretend-wizards, not doctors or scientists, he chose to pursue a career in magic. He’ll demonstrate how magicians can misdirect your attention, cloud your perception, and alter your memory.

In performance, Daniel blends these skills to prove that the hand really is quicker than the eye — and the mind.





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