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David Lichtenstein was born in 1976, in Brooklyn. He spent most of his childhood in New York, but his pursuit for art has made him migrate to Rhode Island and Chicago. Right after high school he got into comic designs, cause they were the main thing in the mid 90’s. His childhood heroes became his obsession, and in the end he was left creating them. Between 1999 and 2001 Lichtenstein has worked for Strip Art Features – Platinum Comics as a graphic designer. In the mean time he attended RISD, and later in 2002 he moved to Chicago, where he currently resides. The rising of new 3D technologies made Mr. Lichtenstein try his luck with 3D designing, but unfortunately he was not good at it. After forming his own firm for electronic transactions he went back to his art basics and drew comic characters as a freelancer.

His business took off, and unfortunately for the comic book side – he was left without a projects for most of the time, so he decided to took some classes in wire creativity.


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