Diego Tomas Glazer [SCH NRA 2019] : Library commission color study, left panel, 2021.


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Record type: Movable work ;


Work title: Library commission color study, left panel  [from the curator] ;

Alternate work titles:
2021 : Library commission color study, left panel  [from the curator] ;

Work date: 2021  [from the curator] ;

Work creator: Diego Tomas Glazer [SCH NRA 2019] ;

Work medium: Oil on panel ;
Work dimensions:24 x 11 inches [unframed] | 26-3/4 x 14 inches [framed] ;

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SAL category: Oil ;
SAL sub-category: Allegory ; figures in the landscape ;

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Description of work:
The choice between scarcity and fulfilment

We as humans, desire happiness. However, most humans are very blind to the true source of happiness and contentment, as shown in this allegory.

The man on the left, seeking happiness, hangs from a branch over deep, turbulent water, barely hanging on while awaiting one more drop of honey to fall. Honey, symbolizing prosperity, deludes him into thinking that happiness equates to catching just one more drop of it in his mouth, even if to do this he has to get stung by bees or even fall to his death. His worn clothes symbolize his mindset of scarcity. The rough water symbolizes emotional disturbance, meaning that this man is unhappy and confused. His understanding of the way things work is twisted. He let go of the rock, which is a symbol of strength and stability. His attachment to the next drop of honey, which symbolizes all of humanity’s attachments, big and small, keeps him from being able to see the bigger picture and make better decisions for himself. This attachment makes him give the drop of honey a value completely out of proportion, disregarding everything else, like the fact that the branch he is hanging from is cracked and will break soon. He is surrounded by wisteria flowers that symbolize long life and immortality, but he cannot see that. Instead of stepping back, and reflecting on the real source of happiness and contentment, this man is ready to trade it all for just one more taste of sweetness. The scene is crowded and somewhat dark, giving a sense of density and diminished possibilities to move.

On the right, this man has reflected on the true source of happiness and contentment and has taken the journey to broaden his understanding of himself and of the world. He has detached himself from petty pleasures, and he got himself unstuck, understanding that the message of the wisteria flowers is that through personal growth and moving out of the comfort zone, one can reach true happiness and contentment. He is rejoicing after having put effort into moving his position to a higher perspective and enjoying his clear mind and light heart. The bright light and the orange tones on the figure are symbols of happiness, creativity and determination. He has let go of the veil which earlier blinded his view and his perception of reality. He also rid himself of the fear of change. The wind strips away all attachments to keep moving forward. He is now standing on the rock grounded and free, and the space is open for him to move, enabling his continued evolution. The sunlit clouds represent the climax of his journey. His face says it all.

2021 Diego Tomas Glazer [SCH NRA 2019], the artist .

Exhibition history:
2021 SCNY Allegory today : the library commission November 8-19.

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July 4, 2021

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