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Edward Minoff is a contemporary representational artist. His work has been shown in galleries and museums from New York to Beijing and belongs in numerous public and private collections. His work ranges from in-depth studies of coasts and ocean waves both from life and imagination, to landscape, still-life, figurative work and portraits. While fascinated by and dedicated to the discipline of drawing, Edward primarily works in oil paint, constructing his own panels as fully-conceived art objects, often including implied framing elements on the panel itself and a concentration on layered surface qualities of paint and ground. He is deeply committed to long hours of study directly from life: in-depth meditations on each subject, representing long-form, organic, human responses to nature.

He teaches at the Grand Central Atelier, Columbia University, the Hudson River Fellowship and leads workshops online and across the country. He is also a creator and co-host of Suggested Donation Podcasts.




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