Eileen Frailey Eder [NRA 2015]


First name: Eileen ;
Middle name:
Last name:
Eder ;

Member: Non-resident artist member ; 
2015 ;
n/a ;



Eileen Frailey Eder, a resident of Connecticut, is a representational painter who works almost exclusively from life. Her harmonious paintings show her affection for light and shadow as well as color and shapes both in nature and in simple objects. Eileen often drew and painted throughout her teenage and early adult years. After raising a family she attended the New York Academy of Art, graduating cum laude with an MFA degree in 1998. Following grad school, Eileen began her full time professional career painting and teaching, being grateful to enjoy the challenge, joy, and fulfillment of painting ever since.

Eileen worked with the figure after leaving grad school but an injury put her in a wheel chair for a few months during which she painted still life at home. She found the genre to be fun, enjoying the graphic design challenge as well as color and reflections in her set ups. Eileen completed a series of over 30 still lives for her first solo show at the George Billis Gallery in NY in 2006. Still Life dominated Eileen’s painting for the next 10 years but the desire to work in nature started another love, plein air painting.

After taking workshops with a number of influential teachers including T. Allen Lawson, Don Demers and Israel Hershberg, spending many hours on site, Eileen began to get accepted to plein air festivals and win awards for her landscapes. Eileen considers New England as the perfect location for her triple life, working on still life in the studio in nasty weather and moving outdoors for plein air painting once the weather warms, and, always sharing her knowledge with all her many beloved students.






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