Feierabend concert : a holiday celebration with OneMusic International Ensemble

Dec 9, 2022 7:30 PM
skylight gallery

Open to the public
Up to 100 seats

Tickets required
Price based on seating, from $50 to $75

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About the Concert

We invite you to our Feierabend Concert, OneMusic Project’s last event of 2022, available on December 9 and 10. A Feierabend event is always a celebration – (in German, the verb “feiern” means celebrate, and the noun “Abend” means evening) – and this will be a special night indeed!

“Feierabend Concert ” will be expressed in works by Corelli, Taneiv and Dvorak. Each composition on the program is festive and joyful. You’ll hear a wonderful piece from the new OneMusic Project CD that was just released in Paris, Sergei Taneiev’s Trio in D Major for violin, viola & cello. OneMusic Project is happy to take on Dvorak’s famous but not so often performed String Quintet, Op.97.

OneMusic Project’s unique programs bring intimate groups together for an evening when creative minds can explore history’s great composers and writers.

International Ensemble

Christophe Giovaninetti, Yibin Li | Violins

Daniel Panner, Pierre-Henri Xuereb | Violas

Philippe Muller | Cello


Arcangelo Corelli – Concerto Grosso Op.6, No.8

Sergei Taneiev – Trio in D Major for violin, viola & cello

Christophe Giovaninetti – Johann Sebastian violin duo

Antonin Dvorak – String Quintet No.3 in Eb Major, Op.97

Daniel Panner Yibin Li Christophe Giovanietti Philippe Muller Pierre-Henri Xuereb