Francis William “Bill” Vandeveer Kughler (1901-1970)


Francis William “Bill” Vandeveer Kughler (1901-1970)
American Realist portrait painter, muralist, lithographer & educator ; 
F. W. V. Kughler ; Francis V Kughler ;  Francis William Kughler ; Francis W. V. Kughler ; F. William Vandeveer Kughler ; Francis William Kughler ; Francis W Kughler ; 
[Born September 20, 1901 in New York, NY – died July, 1970 in New York, NY]


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Francis William Vandeveer Kughler (1901-1970) biography:

Birth: September 20, 1901 in New York, NY ; 
Death: July, 1970 in New York, NY ; 
Sex: Male ; 
Ethnicity: White ; 
Virgo ; 

Known for: Female portraits ; full-length portraits ; female figures ; female nude figures ; 
Medium: Oil ; fresco ; drawing ; pen & ink ; ink ; 
Technique: Painting ; drawing ; 
Subjects: Women ; woman ; ladies ; lady ; female ; portraits ; society painter ; cityscapes ; landscapes ; nudes ; 

Areas: New York, NY ; Bronx, NY ; 
Region: North East ; 
Lived: North East ; Bronx, NY ; 
Father: Thomas Kughler (1872-1915), worked at a supply house ; 
Mother: Marion (Martinetz) Kughler (1882-1963) ; 
Relatives: Hazel Kughler (1903-1933), sister ; Eddie Kughler (1906-1988), brother ; Ruth Lughler (1916-?), half-sibling ; 
Spouse: Charlotte Livingston Kughler (1894-1991), wife, a fellow artist ; Sue Ballard Fisher (1921-1967), longtime girlfriend (1959-1967) ;
Children: Juno Lisa Kughler (1962-), daughter ; Iris Lee Kughler (1965-), daughter ; 

Training: Cooper Union, New York, NY ; Mechanics’ Institute, New York, NY ; National Academy of Design, New York, NY ; 
Work: Began working as an illustrator for a NY furniture company at age 12 ; 

Students: Ruth Reininghaus ; 

Member: Salmagundi Club, New York, NY, resident artist member, president, entertainment committee ; 
Exhibited with: Salmagundi Club, New York, NY ; 
Awards: Scholarship to study art ; won a scholarship to paint at the Louis Comfort Tiffany estate at Oyster Bay, Long Island, NY ; 

Milestones: Knew he wanted to be a painter from age 5 ; Played the cornet in a band when he was young ; got a scholarship to study art ; Often painted in public or at the zoo for “free” models ; 



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