Frank Howard Marshall (1866-1945) [RA 1910-1945] : Salinas valley, ca.1927.


SAL record control number: 116309 ;

Record level: Item ;

Record type: Movable work ;


Work title: Salinas valley [from collection database] ;

Alternate work titles:
2022 : Salinas valley [from collection database] ;

Work date: ca.1927  [from collection database] ;

Work creator: Frank Howard Marshall (1866-1945) [RA 1910-1945] ;

Work medium: Oil on canvas board ;
Work dimensions: 8 x 10 inches [unframed] | 11-3/4 x 13-3/4 x 1-1/8 [framed] ;

Inscribed / signed front: [none] ;


Marking type: Label.
Location: On back.
Text: ‘#46 Frank Howard Marshall 1866-1945 / Salinas Valley’.

Marking type: Signature in pencil.
Location: Back of board (upper left, in pencil) and lower left in pen.
Text: ‘Frank H. Marshall’ and ‘Frank H. Marshall’.

SAL category: Oil ;
SAL sub-category: Landscape ;

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Description of work:

ca.1986 Gift of Harry L. Timmins.

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October 29, 2021

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