Fred Craig [NRA 2013]


First name: Fred ;
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Carig ;

Member: Non-resident artist member ; 
2013 ;
n/a ;



Fred was born and raised in Greensburg, Indiana. He has been a professional and award winning filmmaker since the age of 14 and animation art has always been part of the content of his films for almost 60 years. During and following service in the USAF he completed academic courses at Indiana University, the University of Omaha, and UCLA, as well as, theater arts and design courses at Pasadena City College and Chouinard Art Institute. He was then mentored in the art and craft of animation drawing by Warner Brothers director Chuck Jones and animator Ben Washam, and in Visual Effects by Joseph Westheimer and John Dykstra (both ”Star Wars: Episode V”). His career experience includes that as an Animator, Producer and Director of Motion Picture Special Photographic Effects working in both Hollywood and Europe. He currently resides in Greensburg and follows a creative path in fine arts photography, abstract graphic arts, Chinese watercolors, and intellectual property development. He is a member of the Heartland Film Society, Hoosier Salon, and an active exhibitor and volunteer at Art on the Square Gallery.




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