Frederick Stymetz Lamb (1862-1928) [NM] : Portrait of an English gentleman [possibly William Shakespeare], ca.1905.


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Work title: Portrait of an English gentleman [possibly William Shakespeare]  [from collection database & curator] ;

Alternate work titles:
2021 : Portrait of an English gentleman [possibly William Shakespeare]  [from collection database & curator] ;

Work date: ca.1905  [based on similar known works by the artist] ;

Work creator: Frederick Stymetz Lamb (1862-1928) [NM] ;

Work medium: Painted and colored stained glass ;
Work dimensions: 21-1/2 x 23-1/4 inches [unframed] ; 24 x 25-3/4 x 1/8 inches [framed] ;

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Archives of American Art subjects:
Art — American
Art ― Private collections ― New York (State)
Art ― Private collections ― New York (State) ― Salmagundi
Figure male
Portrait — Half length
Portrait — Notable person  — William Shakespeare

Description of work:

between 1989 and 1994 SCNY, gift of Dorothy “Mabel” (Moot) Lamb Fraser (1912-1994), accession #2007.424 ;
ca.1928 Private collection of Adrian Stymetz Lamb (1901-1988) [RA 1939-1988] and Dorothy “Mabel” (Moot) Lamb Fraser (1912-1994), New York, NY ;
ca.1905 Frederick Stymetz Lamb (1862-1928) [NM], the artist .

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References / citations:
– Collection database, accession #2007.424.
– Appraisal notes by Carl Thompson, n.d.


Frederic Lamb was the father of Adrian Lamb. Window produced at J&R Lamb Studios, makers of stained glass in America since 1857.  Known as one of the foremost stained-glass designers in the U.S., Frederick Lamb was also a painter of murals and landscapes. He was born in New York City, June 21, 1863, the son of Joseph Lamb, who founded J. & R. Lamb Studios in 1857. Primarily a producer of ecclesiastical stained glass and mosaics, it is the oldest stained glass studio in America. Lamb studied at the Art Students League, NYC, and later at the Ecole Beaux Arts under Lefebvre and Boulanger.  He and his brother, Charles, won top honors in the 1900 Paris International Exposition beating out entries by both Tiffany and Lafarge. The window is now installed at the entrance of the decorative arts wing at the Brooklyn Museum. A gold medal was also won at the Cotton States & International Exposition held in Atlanta, GA in 1895 and honorable mention was garnered at the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago, 1893.

Frederick Stymetz Lamb also served as president of the Stained Glass Association of America and Architectural League of America; vice-president of the Architectural League of New York and Metropolitan Parks Association. He also served in an official capacity for the American Scenic and Historical Preservation Society, Municipal Art Society, National Society of Craftsmen, and as Director of the Palisades Interstate Park Commission.  His largest commissions were for 140 stained glass windows in the Memorial Church, Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA and 33 stained glass windows and dome for the First Presbyterian Church, Orange, Texas. In all Lamb designed nearly 2,000 works for the company his father founded.  He also wrote and lectured widely on civic art and municipal aesthetics before his death on July 8, 1928.

Bob Mueller (Adapted from information on 9/30/2008)


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