Gail Gurman [NRA 2010]


First name: Gail ;
Middle name:
Last name:
Gurman ;

Member: Non-resident artist member ; 
2010 ;
n/a ;



2020 forced me to redefine my vision of myself as an artist.
At the beginning of the Covid lockdown I lost the ability to paint. Oil painting is a physically demanding medium. Long hours of standing at my easel became too painful for me to tolerate. One day, while ruminating in my studio I heard a podcast about David Hockney. The commentator talked about Hockney’s quote that “oriental art never deals with shadow.” I thought about his observation a long time. These simple words exploded in my head. I had studied Chinese brush painting for several years some time ago, when I lived on the East Coast. I could apply all those skills but transform my images using my knowledge of form, space and shadow to an aqueous medium.I would use Asian brush working techniques while applying the aesthetic of someone who had studied Western European layered painting. Sumi ink does not require the hour long set up and clean up that is required of oils. I would be able to work for shorter periods of time and take frequent breaks. I ordered a fresh bottle of sum ink and my new work began.

Gail Gurman is an award winning oil painter with a prestigious list of juried exhibitions and representation by internationally exhibiting galleries.





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