George M Reevs (1864-1930) [RA 1896-1930] : Autumn in Holland, 1899.


SAL record control number: 107139 ;

Record level: Item ;

Record type: Movable work ;


Work title: Autumn in Holland  [title from collection database] ;

Alternate work titles:
2021 : Autumn in Holland  [title from collection database] ;

Work date: 1899  Wednesday 8th of February 2023 ;

Work creator: George M Reevs (1864-1930) [RA 1896-1930] ;

Work medium: Oil on wood panels ;
Work dimensions: 41-1/2 x 11-1/2 inches [unframed] | 42-7/8 x 12-7/8 x 5/8 inches [framed] ;

Inscribed / signed front:
Location: At lower right of right panel.
Dated?: Yes.
Text: ‘GEO. M. REEVS. ’99’.


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Description of work:

Originally incorporated in one of the sets of doors to the “Red Room” at 14 West 12th Street. Shelton wrote: “In this room the corners were rounded with four glazed doors, concave in form, which in the general scheme of decoration were an important feature. The upper half of these doors was treated with painted panels representing the four seasons. “Spring” two female figures by J. Allen St. John [06.575-top half of left panel and 07.718-right panel]; “Summer,” two nudes floating among the poppies, by F. Luis Mora [left panel lost]; “Autumn” in Holland, by George M. Reevs [07.878 and 07.879]; and “Winter.” A Japanese figure the entire panel in dark blue, by Genjiro Yeto.[07.870 a, b]”

1899 SCNY, gift of the artist, accession #2007.878 and #2007.879 ;
1899 George M Reevs (1864-1930) [RA 1896-1930], the artist .

Exhibition history:
2021 SCNY Dutch Dutch October 2 – November 21.
2019 SCNY 12th street clubhouse show [unknown dates].
2011 SCNY Salmagundi abroad May 3 – June 10.

References / citations:
– 2021 collection database, accession #2007.878 and #2007.879.
– 1989 collection list, accession #G-421.



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September 30, 2021

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