Georgine MacGarvey [NRA 2010]

First name: Georgine ;
Middle name:
Last name:
  MacGarvey ;

Member: Non-resident artist member ; 
2010 ;


Georgine MacGarvey has been painting and drawing for over 50 years. She received a BA in Studio Art from Hollins College in Virginia, and an MFA from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. After a career as a silkscreen printer, teacher, illustrator and commercial artist, in the 1980s she returned to her first love, painting.

While her early work revealed a fascination with fantasy and symbolism, her vision matured and her landscapes present a more realistic representation of the world. She is continually drawn to the drama of color and light that marks the beginning and end of the day, and the intensity and beauty of this spectacle forms the principal themes of her work. In recent years, Georgine has dedicated much of her time to the care and exhibition of SVAC’s permanent collection, as well as exhibitions of the work of Dorset artists.




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