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Heather Personett

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Heather Personett (b. 1988) is a figurative sculptor living in Brooklyn, NY. She attended State University of New York at Fredonia where she received her BFA in Illustration and Animation. Following graduation, she continued studying ceramics and sculpture which began her transition from two dimensional study to three dimensional arts. She then went on to receive her masters at the New York Academy of Art where she earned an MFA in Sculpture. She was a recipient of several Merit Awards as well as the Carrara Stone Carving Residency, and continued to work in stone as an apprentice for several years. More recently, Heather worked as a portrait sculptor and freelance artist at Studio EIS in Brooklyn, under the tutelage of head sculptor Jiwoong Cheh. She is an adjunct professor at several universities, including the New York Academy of Art and Fashion Institute of Technology. She is also currently the Director of Sculpture at Grand Central Atelier, where she heads the sculpture curriculum and began their first full time sculpture program in 2022.




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