Hiram Peabody Flagg (1858-1937) [RA 1904-1937] : Dutch street scene, ca.1888.


SAL record control number: 80902 ;

Record level: Item ;

Record type: Movable work ;


Work title: Dutch street scene  [from collection database] ;

Alternate work titles:
2021 : Dutch street scene  [from collection database] ;

Work date: ca.1888  Thursday 23rd of March 2023 ;

Work creator: Hiram Peabody Flagg (1858-1937) [RA 1904-1937] ;

Work medium: Oil on canvas ;
Work dimensions: 14-1/8 x 20-1/8 inches [unframed] | 18-7/8 x 24-7/8 x 1-1/2 inches [framed] ;

Inscribed / signed front:
Location: At lower right.
Dated?: No.
Text: ‘H. Peabody Flagg’.


Marking type: Black ink stamp.
Location: Top and bottom left and right frame verso.

Marking type: White paper acid-free label with cotton string.
Location: Hanging from two screw eye hooks with wire.
Text: ‘06.590 / Flagg / Dutch street scene’.

Marking type: Black ink felt tip marker.
Location: Frame bottom right verso.
Text: ‘06.590’.

SAL category: Oil ;
SAL sub-category: Genre ;

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Architecture exterior
Architecture exterior — Domestic
Architecture exterior — Domestic — House
Art — American
Art ― Private collections ― New York (State)
Art ― Private collections ― New York (State) ― Salmagundi
Figure group

Description of work:
Boston critic had this to say about the artist, “Mr. Flagg’s street scenes possess a fine local feeling. They are more than memoranda, yet retain the graphic first impressions coupled with the studied phases. This same fidelity is notice-able in his landscape water colors. He never fails to give us the surface of the broad fields in true perspective and coloring, and one cannot but appreciate his artistic compositions. Besides all these features, so essential in good art, his painting qualities are ever evident, so that, all told, we have worthy results,— good pictures, poetic and valuable transcripts from nature.”

after 1888 SCNY, gift of the artist?, accession #2006.59 ;
ca.1888 Hiram Peabody Flagg (1858-1937) [RA 1904-1937], the artist .

Exhibition history:

References / citations:
– 2021 Collection database, accession #2006.59.
– 1989 collection list, accession #O-222.

– CONDITION: Appears to have been relined.


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January 21, 2021

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